Playing with the right clubs—fit to YOUR swing—will optimize ball flight, leading to gains in distance and improved accuracy. Properly fit clubs will have an immediate and profound impact on your scoring ability on the golf course, without changing your swing.

The Smash Factory is a boutique fitting experience for the golfer who wants the very best equipment for their game. Using the most state-of-the-art equipment, we analyze your game and offer a complete diagnosis of where we can make improvements by customizing new clubs—completely unbiased to any particular manufacturer.

Fittings are by appointment only, and we schedule a two hour window for each fitting. Sometimes the right solution is found quickly, and others take more time. But we only make three fittings available each day, so you will never feel rushed. Our #1 priority is offering the best customer experience possible.
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Custom fitting ensures the optimal set of clubs for your swing and gives you your best chance at lower scores.

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Case Studies

The numbers speak for themselves

Meet Steve

Steve was a professional jet skier—which took a physical toll on his body. He has always been an accurate driver of the golf ball, but a recent hip replacement has made a big change in his body mechanics. As a result, his current driver was no longer a good fit.

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Meet Chase

Chase is a professional golfer, with his sights set on the PGA tour. Chase is very particular with his equipment, and has had many fittings in the past, but nothing felt quite perfect.

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