Fitting lesson: 2 options:
• Three 90 minute sessions
• Five 90 minute sessions

This service is designed for players looking to upgrade both their technique and their equipment. This is done in a series, which allows us to improve your swing mechanics while designing equipment to fit your new technique. We start by examining your current game with current equipment. Then we diagnose some technical modifications to improve your technique. And finally we adapt your new equipment to your new technique.

GOLF LESSON – 1 hour sessions

We offer both lesson packages or season long packages. Using TrackMan we analyze your swing. We also help you understand what the numbers mean and create a plan for you to optimize your game. Our on-site pro has hit thousands of golf balls on TrackMan and is a graduate of their learning program. He will make you understand your swing tendencies, and show you how to fix the problems that arise on the course, when we are not there to watch you swing.

SWING ANALYSIS – 90 minute session

The swing analysis is designed to connect the golfer with the sensation of feel vs. real. As golfers we may “feel” that we’re swinging a specific way, when in fact, we may be doing the opposite. Golfers will hit a series of shots using the Trackman technology and learn their specific swing metrics in 26 parameters including: swing path, face angle, launch angle, spin rate and clubhead speed. Our certified TrackMan expert will explain how the data specifically applies to your golf swing, and golfers will receive an interactive report, detailing performance with each individual club in the bag. The Swing Analysis is not a golf lesson, but provides a deeper understanding of your current technique, strengths and weaknesses.

Lesson Pricing

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LessonsCost ($)Credit ($)
Fitting Lesson – 3 sessions750250
Fitting Lesson – 5 sessions900300
Golf Lesson – Single session300N/A
Golf Lesson – 3 sessions600N/A
Golf Lesson – 6 sessions1,100N/A
Golf Lesson – 12 sessions2,000N/A

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